The Best Foam Rollers – Our Top 5

You have probably come across some foam rollers now. They are different sizes, colors, shapes and densities. While color doesn’t really matter (at least to me), the other factors matter quite a lot when you want to buy a foam roller that fits your needs. I want to introduce you to the top 5 foam rollers which I think are the best foam rollers in their category, explain why they are the best and share my personal experiences.

Blackroll Standard Foam Roller
Blackroll Standard Foam Roller

classic foam roller from black roll that is ideal for beginners, in my opinion. It’s not too hard but neither too soft – It is just right if you are starting out. The material is durable and doesn’t deform too much. I have had mine for 3 years and it still in great shape. The price is acceptable as it hovers around 30 bucks for a piece. The Blackroll standard foam roller is a universal tool as it can be used for nice relaxing session as well as for pre or after workout rolling out.


Rumble RollerThe RumbleRoller is not for everyone. I would recommend this piece to someone who really enjoys deep tissue massage and really wants to get deep and loosen up those tight muscles. With spikes on it, It is the closest thing you can get to mimicking real thumb pressure. Comes with different sizes, but I would almost always stick with shorter version, because you don’t really need a foam roller bigger that 30cm and you don’t certainly need to pay extra 20 dollars for it.

It comes in two variations – original – blue (softer) and Xfirm – black (harder). I would definitely start with the blue one and stick with it for a long time – I am still using blue one and its more than enough pain already.

Trigger Point Carbon Foam Roller

Trigger Point Carbon Foam RollerThis is one of my favorite foam rollers out there. I typically use it before and after a heavy lifting session since it has hard nodules that are great for releasing the toughest knots in your muscles and also for preventing injuries through deep tissue stimulation. It is not as hard on your muscles as the RumbleRoller from Rogue but still would not recommend it to newbies.

This is a professional tool used before and after physical activity and I would not recommend it for using it to relax as much as for example the Blackroll Booster Set or the Trigger Point Grid foam roller.

Blackroll Booster Set

Blackroll Booster SetThis truly is the king of self massage and relaxation. It is a standard foam roller from blackroll but with inserted tool that vibrates and relaxes your muscles on another level. You can regulate the vibration with 3 levels of intensity from 12 to 56 Hz. You can buy the whole set or if you own any of the blackroll foam rollers or you can buy only the add-on that creates the vibrations and simply put it inside your foam roller.

DO NOT use this booster set before physical activity as it relaxes your muscles too much and you will not feel like working out. Use it strictly after physical activity to cool down, whenever you want to relax or before going to bed.

Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller

Trigger Point Grid Foam RollerThis is a Classic go-to foam roller for many people and athletes. Trigger Point foam rollers have been around for a while and seen a great success with its products – and not by accident. It has a patented foam surface which is more dense in the middle so you use the middle part of the foam roller for deeper massages and the outer part for soft tissue massage.

It has a hollow core with plastic on the inside so its very light, but when you apply a lot of pressure over time the plastic tends to crack in some cases. Overall It is a very good piece for great price.

Last couple of words…

All of that being said, these 5 foam rollers are very high quality and Ive been using them for a good chunk of time and had no issues whatsoever. But keep in mind there is thousand of foam rollers out there and what works for me doesn’t have to work for someone else. Now its up to you to decide what kind of foam roller fits your needs the most. I usually recommend having one for relaxing massage like the Blackroll Booster Set and one for pre and post workout rolling out, like for example the Carbon foam roller from Trigger Point. But everybody is different!

I really hope this has been helpful and your decision will be much easier now! If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below and I will be more than happy to help you out.



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